Uber Like Solutions (Logistics & Taxi):

Our Uber like solution is one of the most technically advanced taxis and trucks Booking App in the world which. It’s a Cloud based software that automates everything from booking to billing, dispatching to ratings, helps passenger management, accounting and more. We also assure PCI compliance so you will have no legal issues accepting online payments.

How it works?

Admin: Admin plays a key role here. The Admin sets the site and has the complete authority over the site. The Admin decides on setting up the commission limits, member management, Request Accept duration, Category settings, Car Settings, Transaction settings, Payment settings, and Email settings. By using this platform, as an Admin, you can earn money in a more profitable way.

Rider: The Rider can register directly with the mobile application. The rider can track the active drivers in the neighborhood and set the pickup location. The rider can select the vehicle model and also see details such as minimum fare, price per mile, and price per minute, for each model. The rider can track their booking history on this app.

Driver: The Driver can register directly with the mobile application. However, the driver is approved by the Admin. Driver can update the status, such as, arrival at the pickup/rejection of the booking/customer drop off etc. The driver can track the booking history and monitor the status of bookings made.

Full Feature List:

  • A tap over the mobile app lets the passenger to book a ride.
  • Auto dispatches booking to the nearest driver.
  • Receives driver confirmations within few seconds.
  • Pre-book, Book now & Recurrent booking options
  • Auto-fill details of registered passengers.
  • Automatic notifications, billings & invoicing.
  • Get ratings and social shares from passengers.
  • Add bookings, cancel bookings, manage bookings and search trip history easily.
  • Stores unlimited database, fully secured up in the cloud.
  • With auto dispatch system, taxi/truck gets dispatched automatically to the nearest driver.
  • Gives instant notifications to passengers and drivers upon ride confirmation or cancellations.
  • Displays instant results of nearby taxis/ trucks, letting the driver to confirm request within few seconds.
  • GPS tracker in the apps & dispatcher panel helps to have hassle free ride.
  • Auto calculation of fare, ride time and ride distance.
  • Automatic generation of invoice at the end of ride.
  • Receive payments through Cash or Card along with social media sharing and ratings from the passengers.
  • Cut 90% manpower cost over dispatch process.
  • Our solution supports multiple languages, currencies, payment gateways from all over the world.
  • The entire software is fully supportive to any integration related to languages, currencies, and payment gateways.
  • We help taxi/trucks companies to localize their app to its passengers and drivers so that they don’t face any difficulty assessing it.
  • Give your passengers and drivers the best mobile app experience allowing them to book, request rides, accept rides, track, navigate, pay and rate.
  • Get native IOS and Android Apps for passengers and drivers that will be freely downloadable.
  • Driver app will be set to respond its passengers over a tap. Each driver has their own login credentials. Driver app is tracked using the admin panel.
  • Passenger app can schedule, reschedule and cancel taxi/truck by few taps without incurring any loss to the companies. Fraudulent or fake passengers can be blocked using admin panel.
  • Any smartphone supporting mobile data and Wi-Fi will serve as passenger device and driver device.
  • Invoice is sent to registered email id of the passenger with ride details for records.
  • Social sharing & Ratings
  • Passengers and drivers can share ride experiences with friends and families through social media and by giving satisfaction ratings.
  • GPS Tracking & Factual reports
  • Taxi/truck companies using GPS can easily track taxi movements, assign and organize their position and manage drivers in a more efficient way.
  • Business reports can be extracted from the admin panel date wise, passenger wise, driver wise and other filtration options that are available in the panel.